Solos, Duets and Trios

Solo/Duet/Trio info 2022-23


The studio offers solo, duet and trio classes. Please email for more information.




Obtain permission if you are interested in doing a solo, duet or trio before starting lessons. If interested, fill out form here-2023-24 Solo/Duet/Trio Interest Form


Dancers must compete with their line in the area of dance the solo, duet or trio is in. For example, a student performing a jazz solo must also compete with the jazz line she was placed on after auditions.


Solo, duet and trio dancers MUST attend a ballet class each week, in addition to technique classes. Ballet classes cost $25 per month and are not included in the family maximum. You will need to indicate on your solo / duet / trio registration form which ballet class you are enrolling in.


Costumes: Dancers may order costumes on their own or through the studio. If you are ordering through the studio, you must turn in your order with costume down payment by October 15.


Music: Dancers are responsible for cutting their own music. All music must be cut and finalized by January 1.


Entry fee down payment is due by December 1. See form for amount due.