Competition Line Information

2020-2021 Competition Line Classes


Technique Classes Zoom Link

Click on link and wait in waiting room for teacher to let you in.


Info for Students Considering Competiton 2020-2021


Basic Information Comp Lines 2020


FAQs and COVID Procedures




Registration Form_Competition Lines 2020


COVID Waiver


Please register for fall classes by mail. Forms must be accompanied by your registration fee, COVID waiver, and first month’s tuition. Checks should be made payable to “Jan Tripp” or “Jan’s School of Dance” and mailed to: 


Jan Tripp

11775 Lehigh Avenue

Hastings, MN 55033.


If you are registering in September or later, please call Jan at 651-437-1584 or email at to find out if a particular class is available.


Class Schedule


Class Schedule – Comp 2020


In September, all students will be given a payment booklet with important dates. Please be sure to pick yours up!



Thanksgiving:  No classes Wed., Nov. 25 through Sat., Nov. 28. Classes resume Mon., Nov. 30th.

Christmas:  No classes Mon., December 21 through Sat., January 2.  Classes resume Mon., January 4th.

Spring Break: No classes Mon., March 29 through Sat., April 3.  Classes resume Mon., April 5th.

Last Week of Classes:  Tues. June 1 through Mon. June 7th. No classes, Monday, May 31st!



Costume Measuring: During your class time the week of October 1-8. Wear your leotard – No shorts and tees!

Christmas Show & Nutcracker: to be determined.

Tentative Revue: Friday, June 11 – Sunday, June 13

Auditions 2021: All dancers are expected to attend auditions July 19 – 22, 2021.




We communicate all registration forms, newsletters, and handouts via email. Please add to your safe senders list and check your spam folder for messages. If you are not receiving emails, contact the studio. It is your responsibility to keep up on extra practices and information. Check out our website at, look for Jan’s School of Dance, Inc. on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram at jans_school_of_dance_inc.


Safety Protocol


All dancers must wait outside the building (when weather appropriate) to have their temperature taken and be let into the studio. While waiting, students must wear a mask and stand 6 feet apart.


During breaks between classes, dancers must wait inside the classroom for their next class or leave the building if they have a long break. We cannot have students congregating in the halls waiting for a class to begin.


Example: Dancer has jazz class from 4-4:45 and lyrical from 5-5:45. They will wait inside their classroom for the next class to begin. If the student has a third class from 7-7:45, they must leave the building from 5:45-7:00.


Parents are also not allowed to congregate inside the building during or between classes. We realize this is inconvenient, however it is necessary during this time of Covid. Thank you for understanding.


Required items for class safety: 

The following items must be kept in a bag, with the dancer in the dance room – mask (wear while waiting to enter studio), water bottle (labelled with name – no drinking fountain available), and hand sanitizer.


Technique Classes


All students on a Competition Line grades 5 and up must attend technique classes weekly. Competition line students in grades 3 and 4 must attend 3 classes of ballet/technique per month.  THIS INCLUDES STUDENTS IN CLOGGING only.  You may attend as many technique classes as you want for the same fee!


Note: This year all of the technique classes for grades 5 and up will be Zoom classes due to Covid-19 and class sizes. Grades 3 and 4 will attend live ballet/technique classes at the studio.


Ballet Classes


Ballet classes are recommended for all dancers; however, ALL solo, duet, trio, Diamond/Turquoise Jazz, Blue/Ruby Jazz, Blue Lyrical, Ruby Lyrical, Gem Jazz, and Teen Lyrical dancers are REQUIRED to take a ballet class in addition to technique.


Dropped Lines


If you intend to drop a class or quit, you must send WRITTEN NOTIFICATION to Jan Tripp. Phone calls, messages or not attending class is not sufficient notice. You will be billed for classes until written notification is received.


Please commit to your lines by October 1. Your line is counting on you! Costume fees are not refunded for students dropping after October 1.


Attendance Policy


All missed classes must be made up by attending an additional Zoom technique class to prevent suspension from a line. For example, if you miss a jazz, clogging and technique class on Monday, you must make up those classes by attending 3 additional technique classes. You can attend any technique class for the makeup.


Dress Code


Girls: All girls must wear a leotard. Jan will place an order for any leotards you want. See the desk worker to order.  If you want to layer a tight-fitting tank top OVER THE LEOTARD with shorts or leggings, that is fine.  Please NO T-shirts over the leotard, we need to see body lines to correct the dancers.  As always, tights and kneepads are recommended for floor work (standard volleyball type is fine or even a thinner variety).  All hair must be pulled back in a ponytail/bun and off the face.


Boys: Wear knit shorts and t-shirts or sweats.


Kneepads are recommended for floor work (standard volleyball type or thinner variety is fine).




Shoe Order Form 2020-2021


Stompers are only available for sizing during September. All dancers must be sized by October 1, even if you do not intend to order new shoes in the fall because sample sizes must be returned to the manufacturer. 


New shoes are available to order from the studio throughout the year. You may also look for shoes in the Used Shoe Book at the front desk.


Class Shoes Needed
Technique classes Ballet shoes (any color; canvas or leather) or Paul Wright 1/2 ballet
Ballet classes; including Ballet I (Emerald Technique) and Ballet II (Purple Technique) MUST wear ballet shoes (any color; canvas or leather) NOT 1/2 ballets
Jazz, Novelty, Contemporary, Lyrical Tan Paul Wright 1/2 ballet shoes 
Clogging Shoes – Pre-Competition Line White 12F tap shoes (girls); Black 12F tap shoes (boys)
Clogging Shoes – Emerald Line White 20W graduated tap shoes
Clogging Shoes – Purple, Coral, Silver, Diamond Lines White 720s with Steven Stompers (Boys get black)
Clogging Shoes – Turquoise/Blue, Giant, Copper & Super Clog Lines Black 720s with Steven Stompers
Hip Hop Clean tennis shoes
Pointe See your teacher. Jan can order for you if you know the brand and style number.


Estimated Expenses:


Costumes: down payments will be $75 per costume per dancer with the first payment due October 1st.  If you are in more than one routine, you may pay the $75 in installments, but all down payments must be received by December 1st.  The cost per costume averages between $110-$240 for beginning lines and $125-$300 for intermediate and advanced lines.  A second down payment of $25 per costume is due March 1.  Competition Line costumes are ordered October 1.  No refunds will be given if you drop after Oct. 1st. (Reminder: Dropping classes requires written notice.) Note: Some costumes from last year may be reused. Jan will notify you of this in October.


Solo/duet/trio costume orders must be given to Jan by October 1 if you would like her to order for you.


Competition Entry Fees average $40-$60 per routine/competition. These fees include 4 regional competitions as well as Nationals entry fees and rehearsal fees.  We have broken the entry fees into 3 installments.  The first payment of $100 per routine per dancer is due with your November tuition.  You may pay in installments, but all down payments must be received by Dec. 1st.  The 2nd installment of $100 per routine is due with your February tuition.  You will be entered in all competitions regardless of whether you attend.  The amount of the third installment will be finalized later.  Nationals are for everyone on a line. National dates are not yet available but will take place in June in the Wisconsin Dells.


Please note: Entry fees are paid to each competition months in advance when we register. If we are unable to compete, entry fees WILL NOT be refunded unless the competitions refund the fees to Jan’s School of Dance. History indicates they will not refund the fees. They have been giving a credit toward the next season, but we cannot predict what they will do in the future. If you quit after your entry fees have been paid to the competitions, your fees will not be refunded nor will you receive a credit.


You will be entered into all competitions regardless of whether you attend. Nationals are for everyone on a line. Competition dates are not yet available.


Payment Schedule


Payments are due to Jan in the Studio on the first week of each month.  Your class tuition is broken into 9 equal payments.  If you are paying by check, note the student name and line on the check.  Also note what the check is for and attach the month’s voucher from your payment book. Check voucher book for dates we have classes. We DO NOT follow the school calendar.


Month Fees Due
September Tuition, Registration ($15), Technique Fee – 1/2 year ($65)
October Tuition, Costume down payment ($75/costume)*
November Tuition, Competition entry fee down payment ($100/routine)**
December Tuition (All costume and entry fee down payments due)**
January Tuition, Technique Fee – 2nd 1/2 year ($65)
February Tuition, Competition entry fee 2nd payment ($100/routine)**
March Tuition, Costume 2nd payment ($25/costume)* 
April Tuition, Costume and entry fee final balance (Amt. TBD)
May Tuition


*Costume fees: Some costumes from 2019-2020 will be reused. Before making costume payments, check to see if your line is getting new costumes.


**Entry fee credits: Prior to the start of the year, last year’s competition line students will receive a statement indicating the amount of credit they have from the 2019-2020 entry fees. You DO NOT need to make further entry fee payments until your credit is used up. Questions on credit should be made to Sam at 651-437-1584. Thank you!