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Jan’s School of Dance has successfully served Hastings and the surrounding communities with a commitment to providing quality dance classes for over 30 years.  Jan’s dancers have won numerous regional and national championships during this time.  



Jan’s School of Dance values teachers with education beyond their own experiences including degrees in Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Dance and Fine Arts.  Several of Jan’s teachers have also danced professionally for organizations including the Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Swarm, and Disney.



Jan’s School of Dance understands the importance of developing well-rounded students and works hard to ensure class times are held at times that don’t conflict with other important activities.  Because of our flexibility, Jan’s graduates more Seniors than other area studios.



Jan’s School of Dance implements a Family Maximum Tuition which allows you to enroll multiple children at one affordable rate per month.  Jan has raised two children and is aware of the challenges of juggling their activities.  She is always ready to help with your special family’s special needs.



Jan’s School of Dance’s facilities were designed and built with the sole purpose of providing a safe environment for dance instruction.  Jan’s large viewing area makes it convenient and comfortable for parents to stay and watch their children participate in classes.  If you need to drop off your child, the convenient drive-through drive way provides a safe drop off at the front door so you can watch your child enter safely and be on your way.  The large studios with sprung hardwood floors are state of the art and fully equipped to provide our dance students an environment to safely and effectively accomplish the skills required to be the best dancer that he or she can be.

Jan’s School of Dance believes the gift of dance is a valuable choice and can be an important asset in all aspects of development.

Dance is an excellent exercise for the mind and body.


Congratulations dancers for your performances at Midwest Starz Nationals 2016, in Wisconsin Dells.  

Over 170 of you earned first place and/or platinum awards.  Over 50 of you earned the title "Grand National Champion," this includes Giant Clog and Purple Clog.

You all danced beautifully.  Have a great summer!



Congratulations to our staff member, Kayla Winter, for her selection to the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Squad for the 2016-2017 season!


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